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Types of Acrylic nails

Types of Acrylic Nails

It is an old yet trendy method of styling of nails. There are different types of Acrylic nails Dubai  manicure the product is air dried and the gel is dried under an LED lamp. And finally, the retired Acrylic is removed with acetone or drill, and gel with drill or filing.

Acrylic constructions serve precisely, so that we can all show off beautiful nails, regardless of the problems that affect them. In fact, during the manicure the material used is practically the same with which dental implants are made.

So, the breakage problem is solved for a while. If they do not break (due to extreme blows), you can go to make fillings. That is, to fix them from the cuticle, polish them and change the decoration if you feel like it. No need to remove, only a little change is required.

Types Of the Most Common Acrylic Nails

The below types of acrylic nails can be combined in many ways, with natural, formal, stylized and trendy styles and designs. Playing with the shapes of the nail is very common for this type of false nails, due to the different touches it provides. From traditional shapes like round or square to advanced ones like stiletto or coffin:

  • Round acrylic nails
  • Square acrylic nail
  • Oval acrylic nails
  • Squoval acrylic nails
  • Almond shaped
  • Stiletto style nails
  • Ballerina style nails
  • Mountain peak style

Round acrylic nails:

The round ones are a classic design. It consists of filing the corners of the nails with a rounded shape. They are perfect for people with short fingers or narrow nails. Ideal for those looking for more comfort in their daily routines.

Square acrylic nail:

Square nails are flat at the tip and the same width all the way across the nail and are worn both long and short.

Oval acrylic nails:

The oval is a design that consists of filing the sides of the nail with a certain inclination, until the tip narrows, always with rounded edges. This type of manicure is appropriate for medium and long nails. They are very versatile; they look good on any type of hand and it is ideal for those who prefer to wear their nails neither too long nor too short.

Squoval acrylic nails:

Also known as “square ovals”. They are a hybrid between square and oval. So, it is worn in short and medium lengths. It is comfortable for those who need to work with their hands on a daily basis.

Almond shaped:

Almonds are a highly demanded nail design. Its shape responds to an evolution of the oval manicure, with the difference in its tip, which mimics the characteristic shape of an almond. It is only achieved with a certain length, which is why it is common in acrylic manicures.

Stiletto style nails:

The stiletto is a manicure design with long nails that is in full swing. Its characteristic pointed shape is achieved by filing down the sides until the point is sharp. The short version of these is known as a mountain peak.

Ballerina style nails:

The ballerina design is in the shape of their traditional point shoes. The nail shape with a square tip, although narrower than the base, would be the version with a flat tip of the “stiletto”. They are worn long with both acrylic and natural manicures.

Mountain peak style:

Mountain spikes are the short version of stiletto nails. Its characteristic pointed shape is achieved by filing down the sides until the point is sharp.

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