Classic Manicure

Our classic manicure services include traditional way of applying nail color, nail care with nail clipping, shaping, and smooth buffing along with removal of dry skin and cuticles.

Classic Pedicure

Our classic pedicure will nurture your foot skin & nails. This procedure will not only provide a beautiful & delighted appearance to your feet & nails but also ensure your health.

Classic Polish Change

We will remove any existing polish and apply a new nail polish that is better suited for you. We have a wide selection of colors that are nail-friendly and glossy for you to choose from.

French Manicure

In our Salon, French manicure is done with clean white strips for the tips, and pale pink polish color for the bases. simple yet trendy! It will give your nails a touch of polish & vintage nostalgia.

French Pedicure

Original French Pedicure method will be done from white nail polish that will be applied at your tips. No matter how wide your nail is, all strip sizes are available at our salon.

Gel Manicure

In gel manicure we use a gel-based nail polish and also the Ultra Violet light, to cure the polish. This type of gel manicure stays chip-free for some weeks. So you’ll be relaxed for weeks.

Gel Pedicure

Our gel pedicure consists of nail treatment, softening of cuticles, & making sure each toenail is shaped with smooth edges. We apply gel at nails then nail polish and then again gel.

French Manicure Gel

We offer French-styled manicure with gel nail polish. At first, our beautician will apply a French nail polish, then the gel to the nails, to add dual features on the nails to give a shine.

Eye Brow Waxing

We provide Eye brow waxing for removal of unwanted hair from eyebrows, either with cold or hot wax. Pure, fresh, and clean pre-waxed strips are used in our treatments.

Full Body Massage (Per hour)

Our body massage involves working & applying pressure on the muscles of the skin surface of the body. Our skilled masseur are properly trained, they know all of the pressure points.

Acrylic Nails Dubai

Acrylic New Set with Gel Polish

We offer acrylic nails Dubai services with Gel polish in Dubai to choose from a wide variety of shapes & Gels. You are also completely in control of your nail length.

Full Body Waxing

Our Full body waxing in Dubai is performed by beauty professional with years of experience that know how to make the treatment as quick and painless as possible

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Our Packages

Silver Package

245 AED

Gold Package

310 AED

Platinum Package

450 AED

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